Lit Crawl

The Hinterland Festival is pleased to announce that it is partnering with the Litquake Literary Festival in San Francisco to stage the first Irish Lit Crawl in Kells on 25 June 2017.

Lit Crawl, which began in 2014, is staged on the last Sunday of Litquake every year. It has been described as ‘literary pop-up’, ‘controlled chaos’, or ‘literary mayhem’, with thousands of people turning out to hear free readings in cramped laundry mats, bars, restaurants and taxidermy shops in the eclectic Mission District in SF. Since 2004 Lit Crawl has spread to a number of other cities in the USA and Europe, including New York, Seattle, Los Angeles, Helsinki and London.

Check out the Lit Crawl Kells page on the Litquake website.

Lit Crawl, Kells @ Hinterland will be a ‘festival within a festival’ and will be happening at the tail end of the Hinterland Festival (formerly Hay/Kells) on Sunday, 25 June 2017. It will kick off at 5.00 pm, and end with a party, starting at 8.30.

Lit Crawl involves readings, short drama, music, street theatre, poetry, that difficult first novel, or whatever you’re having yourself. Venues are side by side, allowing people to get around and see as much as they can in the three hours of this mini-festival. Lit Crawl San Francisco, for example, all takes place in the city’s Mission District. Kells is about the size of the Mission, and almost as cosmopolitan! And in June it might be just as warm.

Venues for Kells Lit Crawl will include bars and cafés, but events will also be staged in the Kells Library building, the Sawmills Arts Centre, the Old Courthouse/Heritage Centre, and a funeral parlour! Events will be a maximum of an hour in duration. Admission to all events will be free of charge, but ticketed - details to follow.

The Hinterland festival itself will curate a number of events (see below) but anyone interested in staging an event of their own can apply to to be included in the programme for Ireland’s first Lit Crawl. Just drop us an email with your idea and if we think it would fit in we’ll find a venue for it. There’s no money in it (for anyone) but you can sell copies of your book / CD or try out that idea you’ve been dying to test on a small but perfectly formed audience.

reading to lit crawl audience addressing lit crawl group lit crawl politics lit crawl reading in mobile library lit crawl closing party

The Corner

Is it Speaker's Corner? Is it Poet's Corner? Is it for doodling or drawing? For street theatre? It's just 'The Corner' - it's whatever you want it to be. Come along and gather an audience at the corner of Market Street and Church Lane (the gates of the Church of Ireland) anytime during Lit Crawl (5.00-8.30) with your poetry, paintings, latest novel or jokes.